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Klangschale Klangschalentherapie Singing Bowl Singing Bowl Therapy

Anahata-Klang  your
centre for Healing and
Sound healing

everything has
a vibration,
you too.....


Welcome to Anahata-Klang the centre of healing and transformation. When you are in need of peace, stillness of mind and releasing of what no longer serves you, look no further......

Holistic Healing Programs

Discover the ancient healing techniques, of energy and sound healing, paired with mindfulness techniques and intuitive readings.

As every atom vibrates, it has a frequency, and this frequency can be influenced with sounds and vibrations.  Anahata-klang offers a holistic approach to your well-being putting your individual needs in focus.

Begin your healing journey today......

Why Anahata-Klang?

Your centre for Holistic Healing, Sound healing, Reiki and more

Anahata-Klang’s integrative approach is to guide you to a place where you are safe enough to leave whatever it is that does not serve you behind, to heal wounds and generational trauma and to most of all, connect you to your inner-self, your higher being, your soul, bringing a holistic balance

between body and mind.

With over 24 years of experience in the healing arts and different forms of therapy, Mayendree

brings together ancient forms of energy healing modalities, mindfulness training, Reiki, sound

healing and shamanic healing practices to form an art of healing. In a 60 minute session (up to

90minutes), you will receive insights to your body and energy levels. Sessions can be combined with sound healing, or shamanic rituals.

Meditation Evenings and Events

NEW EVENTS - Soma Breathwork und  Klangbad
watch this space - more events coming soon! 

Achtsamkeitstraining - 8 Wochen - für den nächsten Start bitte mich kontaktieren


Intuitive body treatments, using Reiki and other methods to sense your body's vibrations, releasing blockages, traumas, and balancing your energy flow giving you a holistic healing experience 


Reiki is an alternative therapy, which channels energy into the patient's body.  As an experienced practitioner, I am able to sense areas that need more energy, release blockages and harmonise the energy.


Clients have reported an overall improvement in well-being, an accelerated healing process, a feeling of being at peace with one's self, better sleep and less stress.

Singing bowl therapy

Singing bowl therapy

The vibrations and frequencies  of the Tibetan singing bowls resonate with every cell in the body and are still measurable even after two days. A deep state of meditative, relaxing state is easily reached.

​Benefits are:

  • deep relaxation - "letting go" and experiencing present moment awareness

  •  coping with stress and anxiety

  • relief of tense muscles and joints

  • fostering a deeper connection to your intuitive self.

  • proven in lowering blood pressure


Mindfulness is a skill that every human being has.

To be able to perceive one's own life  as it unfolds in the present moment, without judgment, fear or uncertainty.

Pure perception (= mindfulness) without judgment is a different way of life. It's kinder, more compassionate, more constructive. We learn to let go of the past and to stop worrying about the future, living every present moment to the fullest.

The Womb Healing -  a unique ritual where the feminine energy is brought into balance.  Thereby aiming to counteract the effects of modern life by replenishing depleted archetypal energy chakras so that we are whole and comfortable with all aspects of ourselves.

Soma Breathwork Zurich

Soma Breathwork

Do you know the moment where you find it difficult to breath or do you realise that during stressful situations your breathing patterns change?  By learning how to regulate your breath you can combat stress, increase your vitality, and find inner peace.


The SOMA Awakening Breathwork Session combines rhythmic breathing and ancient forms of Kumbhaka Pranayama (breath retention) with music specially designed to take you to gamma level brain wave states.

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Zurich, Seefeld 8008

Riedmattstrasse 6
Wernetshausen, 8342

Tel: +41 79 321 1130

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