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Anahata, the heart chakra is symbolic of unconditional love. 

balancing life

Our approach

We are all born with the ability to interact with every living being with unconditional love, it is our inner calling to seek out peace and harmony.  Yet, in our stressful daily lives, peace and harmony becomes ever so elusive and rare

Anahata-Klang is a place where you can connect to your inner being, your Higher Self, a place of non judgement and acceptance.  A place where you can let go and be.

With experience in practicing the healing arts for over 24years, I am able to draw on knowledge from many different modalities of healing, meditation and mindfulness, to create a space of healing tailored to your needs. 

My journey

I was born and raised in Durban, South Africa.

Yoga and meditation was part of my childhood.  My earliest spiritual teaching was that divine energy resides in every living being. It is omnipotent and omnipresent. Because each of us carries this divine energy within us, we are all equal. We are all healers and are able to activate our own unique healing potential.

At the age of 26 my connection to the spiritual world became very clear and strong, my clairvoyant abilities heightened. Since then, my spiritual journey has led me to a wonderful path, where I have learnt to live in presence, peace and unconditional love.

I am here to guide and support you, to hold space,to facilitate healing and to show you the divinity that is within you. Your unlimited potential is waiting to be awakened.

Holding Hands
  • In 2002 I trained to be a Reiki master

  • 2003 I moved to Switzerland, I'm married and have two children

  • From 2011-2013 - completed the Shamanism Seminars "TAOB CoCreation of Soul" with Dr. Carlo Zumstein

  • From 2015 - 2016 - completed my training in Singing Bowl  Therapwith Marcel Kocaman

  • In 2018 - completed Mindfulness Teacher Training

  • In 2020 Meduimship training, completed with Bill Coller

  • In 2023 completed the Soma Breathwork Instructor 

  • And additionally I have  completed the Cambridge English Teaching Diploma and the Swiss Association for Continuing Education SVEB Certificate in 2014.

Commitment to clients

Holistic Healing Centre
in Zürich and Wernetshausen

Why choose Anahata-Klang

​With over 24 years of experience in the Healing arts, Anahata-klang offers you a holistic comprehensive consultation.

As humans we all strive for harmony, inner peace, happiness – because these are the principals of

the soul. When these aspects are out of balance, we are restless and often become ill. In today’s world, which is filled with striving, chronic stress, fear driven anxiety, we have forgotten how to connect to our inner selves, how to listen to our bodies and to know what it is that we really need.

We spend time chasing the ever evasive goal, and even when we do achieve what is supposed to

make us happy, too soon it doesn’t fulfill it’s promise.

Anahata-klang’s integrative approach is to guide you to a place where you are safe enough to leave

whatever it is that does not serve you behind, to heal wounds and generational trauma and to most

of all, connect you to your inner-self, your higher being, your soul, bringing a holistic balance between body and mind.

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