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Singing bowls Kangschalen

Sound healing and 
energetical healing in Zurich

everything vibrates - you as well

Therapeutic sound therapy has great potential to realign the body's nervous systems, harmonize our energy fields and dissolve any negative blockages our body holds whether it be energetic or even physical.  During a session, every cell, muscle and ligament resonates with the gentle vibrations and frequencies of the Tibetan singing bowls. The entire body and mind is brought back into their natural oscillation. The deep tones and vibrations relax the body and the brain waves begin to ease into an alpha state and sometimes the deep theta state - bringing a deep sense of relaxation and rejuvenation. 


what should I expect?



stress relief


Sound healing / therapy in Zürich

Singing bowls Kangschalen

During a sound  therapy or singing bowl therapy, several singing bowls are placed and played on the client whilst lying fully clothed on a massage bed.


The bowls are played rhythmically and you will experience a complete submersion of sounds vibrations and frequencies which is both healing and transformative.

Intuitive Healing / sound healing

Singing bowls Kangschalen

From a selection of 14 different singing bowls a bespoken session is guaranteed. Fine vibrations and sounds touch body, mind and soul, flow through the body and brings a deep vibration to all cells. The sound of the singing bowl touches our innermost being, one can say that it makes the soul vibrate. The sound relieves tension, mobilizes the self-healing powers and releases creative energies. The singing bowl therapy is based on ancient sound healing techniques, which were used in Indian healing arts more than 5000 years ago. After an intuitive body scan, I use sound forks to harmonize the Aura.  Then, based on the body scan, I choose the appropriate singing bowls for an optimal treatment.

Sound healing session

Sound healing for couples / for two


After an intuitves Body scan, I can chose the right bowls for the session. sound forks ar eused to harmonise the Aura. Then slowly the bowls are played, first in teh Asure, then placed on the body or next to the body


During a singing bowl treatment, singing bowls of different sizes, tones and frequencies are brought into vibration on the body and in the aura area. The singing bowls have different tones and vibrations that fill the body with new frequencies  and vibrations, the bowls ultimately lead to relaxation and harmony.  

After a rest period, you can safely return to the here and now. Regular sessions complement our stressful everyday life in a meaningful way. ​

Therapy Room Dufourstrasse 179, Zurich Therapieraum Dufourstr. 179, Zürich

Relax together during our 90-minute sound massage for couples and immerse yourself in a world of well-being. Our experienced sound therapist will pamper you and your partner with gentle sounds and vibrations that harmonize body and mind. Enjoy the unique atmosphere in which you will experience peace and relaxation together.


Our sound massage is a unique way to relieve stress and strengthen your bond. Book your time out for two today and experience an unforgettable time of relaxation and bonding.

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Singing bowls Kangschalen
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