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Events & Workshops

Durchgeführte Events

SOMA Breathwork und  Klangbad

@ Yoga Zürichberg - Sonntag 5. November 2023  -  15 Uhr - 17 Uhr 
Energieausgleich Sfr 60.-

Event Breathwork und Klangheilung
Event Breathwork and Sound bath
Connecting to your Intuitive Self

Join me for a day, to learn how to connect to your intuitive self, your spiritual guides and how to keep your vibrational levels up during difficult times.

We will end the day with a sound bath leaving you relaxed and one with yourself

30.October 2022     9.30 - 17.00

Falkanstrasse 26 Zurich 8008 (2min from Stadelhofen)

maximum 8 participants

SFR 180. 


Klangschalenmeditation - Online

Achtsamkeitstraining - demnächst


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